Pre-Fused Slags for Electroslag Remelting

Electroslag Remelting Flux

Excellent quality and customized Pre-Fused Slags for your remelting application!-

  • Custom Specifications
  • Customizable Grain Sizes
  • Packing Solutions defined to the needs

Operational Process Design

Our range of different ESR Fluxes counts over 30 types. Many of them are customized according to customers’ special steel/alloy grades. We aim to move forward and are coninously developing our fluxes and know-how in metallurgy to produce super clean steels and alloys.

In order to gain the maximum benefits out of our products, we provide our know-how to our customers and can suggest solutions for special remeltings or special alloys.

Individual Service

Due to our flexibility, we are able to quickly organize customized mass production according to our customers requirements, such as:

  • Several different chemical compositions
  • Different packing solutions per type

We assure our customer’s special recipies are beeing kept strictly confidential!

Custom Specification

If there is any custom chemical requirement on your flux (additives, SiO2, etc.) we will be delighted to produce your material accordingly

Custom Grain Size

We will grind the slag to your required grain size, extra sieving included.

Custom Packing Solutions

We offer seveal packing solutions, from bulk to small alu-bags.