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About the Company

SCMG stands for specialty chemicals and metals group.

More than 40 years of market experience.

The company, SCMG Europe GmbH is a marketing expert, providing an expanding customer base with Metal-Based Chemicals, Powders, primary Metals and Alloys, alternative Raw Materials and Specialty Products. Our business philosophy and concept P.R.I.M.E., (Production Capability, Recycling Management, Industry Knowledge, Marketing Experience and East/West Connections) have been carefully designed and implemented over time and in tandem with our partners, both domestic and international. In order to ensure ongoing product quality, cost effective production, SCMG works closely with our producing partners, providing technology, know-how, and when necessary, supervision of product development and production.

“Providing the right material in the right quantity at the right time.”

Further, by assisting our partners with strategic sourcing through FULL CYCLE Management SCMG offers a more cost effective and strategic alternative to handling their metal residual and by-products.