We offer Graphite Electrodes suitable for Electric Arc (EAF) and Ladle (LF) furnaces.

Influence factors of consumption

The electrode consumption, mainly on oxidation, breakage, end sublimation, slag action and electrode melt, accounts about 8%-10% of the production cost of electric steel. The characteristics of design and condition of the EAF, as well as the electrode quality have a close relation to general electrode consumption.

The major factors for electrode consumption are:

● Charge amount of method
● Charge time and power off time
● Tap cycle
● Exhaust emission and de-dusting system
● Electrode adjust
● High current, big slag
● Improper oxygen blowing
● Electrode operation and joining
● Electrode ontology quality and machining accuracy
● Strength of nipple

Therefore, suitable furnace data will be helpful for electrode selections.