Welcome to the world of specialties for chemicals and metals!

The company SCMG Europe GmbH is a marketing expert, providing an expanding customer base with metal-based chemicals, powders, primary metals and alloys, alternative Raw Materials and Specialty Products. SCMG has a vast global network and is active globally on the international markets.

In order to ensure ongoing product quality combined with cost effective economics, SCMG works closely with its producing partners, providing technology, know-how, and when necessary, supervision of product development and production.

In addition, SCMG is exclusive distributing partner for well selected key products. For more information on all products and services provided, please contact us directly.


Specialties for ESR

We supply pre-fused Slags for the Electro-Slag-Remelting process. Please contact us directly to learn more about the standard products and possibilities of customization.

Tungsten Intermediates

We offer Tungsten intermediate products such as APT, BTO and YTO in powder shapes. Please follow the link or contact us to learn more in detail about the qualities.

Alloying Components

Our offer includes auxiliary materials and additive products for the stainless and special steel production, as well as alloying raw materials.

Ceramic Powders

Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2) powders and granules from chemical or thermal process, as well as REO powders. Those products are used in a variety of industries.